College living, simplified.

We focus on both landlords and tenants to create a seamless, convenient college living experience.

  • Included

    • Property Upload
    • Individual Tenant Portals
    • On-Site Messaging
    • Maintenance Request Processing
    • Property Listings in School Marketplace
    • 24/7 Email Support
    • Rent Payment Processing
    • Accounting Export
    • Digital Document Signing


Collect rent, manage maintenance request, and market your properties. All in one place.


Check payments are difficult for tenants to manage, Give them the tools they need to get their rent in on time and in an organized fashion! Feel as if they already do a good job? Then benefit simply from having all payments deposited directly to your bank account!

Maintenance Requests

Handling maintenance request is a job for tenants. Whether it’s by call or text they interrupt your day only leaving you to deal with orchestrating the repair. Eliminate the need for phone calls and give them an easy and quick way to notify you and get these repairs done quickly. You’ll even be notified once they’re done!


The key is shorten the time from tenants finding you to signing with you. Give them the chance to make this so by using TenantU! We provide a way for them to sign their lease on the site where they found the house in the first place!


Find your next rental, sign, and pay your rent. All in one place.


Student rental properties are spread out over so many websites making your search difficult. We aim to bring all of them to one spot.


Find a house you like? Let us handle the rest. We simplify the signing process.

Rent Payment

To make your process complete, we offer an E-Rent Payment system. Completely eliminating the hassle of dealing with checks.